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Upnetix is a major provider of custom client-tailored software solutions. In other words, we are the crew that is ready to take upon significant challenges and always over-deliver! Starting as a company focused primarily on mobile solutions, today we are one of the leading enterprises in Southeast Europe (SEE) when it comes to software development. No matter the 10+ years of experience our team had, the challenge of rapid growth made us learn faster than we could imagine. As a result, we formed a team of like-minded people and expanded our range of services to include Mobile & Web Apps, Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Deployments, Quality Assurance, and Consultancy.
But being one of the biggest software solution companies in the region is just the beginning for us. We look forward to even more engaging and challenging projects that will shape the future of software development! Contact us and we vow to empower you challenge the tomorrow!
We provide the full range of software development and consultancy outsourcing services, covering all stages of the software development life cycle: from business analysis, design, and prototyping to development, quality assurance, deployment and post-project maintenance and support.
Custom Software Development
  • Native IOS & Android Development - Mobile Strategy; Product Management; UI/UX; Graphic Design; Software Development; Quality Assurance; App Publishing; Maintenance and SLA; DevOps.
  • Next Generation Web Platforms - Architecture, design, development and support of multi-tenant global web solutions.
  • Business Ready Middleware Solution - Mobile APIs, Web APIs and Services Facades.
  • Extensive 360° Mobile & Web Analytics - Integration of mobile and web analytics platforms and providers depending on the technology environment; Monitoring of the analytics platform's engagement on various channels based on Google Firebase Analytics, Qlik and others.
  • Enterprise - Enterprise software development services; Definition of business outcomes and solution strategy.
  • Cloud Accelerated Software Solutions - Cloud-enabled custom software solutions based on key Cloud, PaaS and SaaS providers such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM.
Software Professional Services
  • Project Management and Delivery - Provisioning and management of the chain of software production and delivery processes - from development through implementation and deployment, to support.
  • Team Augmentation - Onsite and Remote Teams; Nearshoring and Offshoring; Mixed Delivery and Dedicated Teams.
  • Managed Services - Application Management Services; Data Management Services; ITSM Services.
  • Maintenance and Operations - Software solutions support and SLA; Taking care of operational, proactive, prophylactic and remediation activities of the production software systems.
  • Quality Assurance - Integration testing; System testing; Functional testing; Non-functional testing; Usability testing; Baseline testing; Compatibility testing; Stress testing and more.
Strategy and Consulting
  • Business Analysis and Process Optimization - Analysis of business strategies, goals and objectives; Building of lean, agile systems; Automation of manual workflows; Analytical guidance; Development of scalable corporate solutions.
  • Enterprise Architecture - Mix of internal and public cloud services in a high-availability environment; Design of enterprise architectures.
  • Digital Strategy - Consulting regarding expected conversion rates and revenue, how often to update the mobile and web apps; Implementation of digital strategy and paperless office.


Native IOS & Android Development
Next Generation Web Platforms
Business Ready Middleware Solution
Extensive 360° Mobile & Web Analytics
Cloud Accelerated Software Solutions
Project Management and Delivery
Team Augmentation
Managed Services
Maintenance and Operations
Quality Assurance
Business Analysis and Process Optimization
Enterprise Architecture
Digital Strategy

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