Bulgaria is a strategic outsourcing destination

Bulgarian Outsourcing Association presented Bulgaria at the World BPO/ITO Forum in New York

NEW YORK (USA), July 8, 2013 - -Bulgaria possesses all prerequisites for the development of outsourcing services- strategic geographical location, proximity to big European countries and minimal time zones differences, and well-educated and trained professionals that speak many different languages. Those were among the basic points that the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) used to present Bulgaria’s advantages as a reliable business and IT processes outsourcing destination at the World BPO/ITO Forum in New York, USA.

The event was inaugurated by Atefeh Riazi, Chief Information Technology Officer of the UN, and closed by Vivek Kundra, former United States Chief Information Officer by President Obama. BOA’s Chair Mr. Stefan Boumov and BOA’s Secretary-General Mr. Ivaylo Spassov also took part in two of the forum’s panel sessions, “The Rapidly Changing Landscape of Global Sourcing – Again!” and “The Impact of Cloud on BPO: Reality or Hype?”

“The forum clearly outlined some of the new trends and challenges in the world of outsourcing related to the so-called SMAC stack- social, mobile, analytics, cloud, which will have an ever stronger impact on the quality and the competitiveness of the provided services,” commented Mr. Boumov. “I trust that Bulgaria has its place on the American market and we must seek for opportunities to position the country with regard to the numerous languages that we can cover and the development of specialized business software. State involvement in this process is absolutely vital,” he added.

“The basic theme that was discussed during the forum was the transformation of outsourcing from a service for optimization of expenses and provision of human resources to a system for delivering solutions with a greater business value. The transition of the companies from outsourcing services providers to real client partners that have a deep understanding of their business models is one of the consequences of this transformation. This is a chance for Bulgaria’s potential expansion, provided that we manage to reform our education and additional qualifications training in order to be able to be adequate to an environment in which the quantity of the resources is not the client’s primary decision-making drive,” said Mr. Slavov.

On behalf of Bulgaria BOA’s delegation consisted of representatives of the companies AII Data Processing, Bulpros, ScaleFocus  and Sofica Group. They are all members of the BOA that was founded in 2012. Mr. Petar Kraychev, First Secretary of the Bulgarian Embassy to the USA, also took part in the delegation.

The annual World BPO/ITO Forum took place between July 16-18, 2013 . The main conference theme this year was “Smartsourcing: Leveraging Collaboration and Innovation” The event is an exclusive invitation-only event for C-suite executives and Senior decision-makers from enterprise companies with $1B or more in revenue, currently using BPO/ITO services or interested in evaluating global sourcing opportunities.

Representatives of numerous government and business outsourcing associations like Invest in Argentina, Brasil IT, Pro-export Columbia и Invest in Denmark were among the participants.