• Establish and sustain Bulgaria as a leading global outsourcing destination and preferred and trusted business partner
  • Facilitate and support the efforts of other countries in the development of the entire region as business and outsourcing destination
  • Work for the balanced development and growth of all regions in Bulgaria and positioning cities on the outsourcing map
  • Facilitate growth and work for the improvement of legal and economic environment for conducting outsourcing business in Bulgaria
  • Work with government to shape policies in all key areas for the development of outsourcing industry, including education and skill development, transport and infrastructure, trade and business services
  • Expand the country’s pool of educated and skilled talent, retain and attract professionals and support their development
  • Act as a hub for best practice and knowledge collection and sharing for the outsourcing sector
  • Support the needs of its members and deliver thought leadership and education on all aspects of outsourcing
  • Contribute to the development of civil society, science and technologies and the establishment of social values towards entrepreneurship and economic initiative within the Bulgarian culturaland national traditions

ScaleFocus with ISO 20000 for IT Service Management

ScaleFocus with ISO 20000 for IT Service Management
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ScaleFocus has successfully passed certification of its IT Service Management System for compliance with the international standard ISO 20000-1:2011.

Company’s drive to secure trusted quality of services on every occasion is embodied in the certification in two more ISO standards for IT services:

ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System

ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security

In the competitiveness of today’s global marketplace, trust is built for years, but it takes only a small glitch in order to distort ages of work. Thus high quality and security standards represent a cornerstone for establishing lasting business relationships.

ScaleFocus is constantly revising and improving the internal processes, procedures and policies to meet the changing market demands. In this way we enable ourselves and our customers to stay ahead of the competition through products and services, based on the latest industry best practices.

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ScaleFocus has successfully passed certification of its IT Service Management System for compliance with the international standard ISO 20000-1:2011.

Plovdiv Municipality

Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria after the capital Sofia, with a population of 341,567. Plovdiv is situated in south-central Bulgaria on the two banks of the Maritsa River. The city has historically developed on seven syenite hills, some of which are 250 m (820.21 ft) high. Because of these hills, Plovdiv is often referred to in Bulgaria as "The City of the Seven Hills".

Burgas Municipality

Burgas is the biggest city in South-East Bulgaria, the second-largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the fourth-largest in Bulgaria. Burgas has a population of 200,271, according to latest according to the 2011 census.


Economedia is the biggest publisher of business media in Bulgaria. The group portfolio include more than 10 print media and has 15 online media as well as an even management art Events Economedia.

Innovation and Development Promotion Center (Poland)

The mission of the Innovation and Development Promotion Centre (IDPC) is to support the social and environmental development, and the development and promotion of innovations as an element stimulating the growth of the economy of the northeast Poland and the border areas. The organization conducts its mission through implementation of projects supported by international, state and local funds, especially in the area of improving the quality of vocational training, social economy, professional activation, business development and knowledge transfer.


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