• Stable parliamentary democracy, EU, NATO and WTO member
  • Bulgaria’s currency is fixed to the Euro under a currency board
  • EU funding – more than €10 bln in EU funds over the next years
  • Combination of political and macroeconomic stability and incentives for doing business
  • Competitive and attractive cost of doing business
  • Favourable taxation –10% corporate tax, 10% income tax, 5% withholding tax on dividents
  • Special incentives for investors

Unique lifestyle

  • Living in Bulgaria is an experience that many people from all over the world are enjoying greatly
  • Leisure activities span from sea-side resorts and winter skiing, to all-year-round spa activities, mountain-trekking, historical sites tourism
  • Vibrant cities with many art galleries, festivals, concerts, museums
  • Monasteries and temples dating back as far as 4th century AD
  • World-class golf resorts
  • Hiking and adventure sports in the beautiful Rila, Pirin, Rhodopes and Balkan mountains
  • Fine cuisine and boutique wineries

Leading edge technology, data security & infrastructured

  • 8th in the world and 5th in Europe in Internet speed
  • Reliable IT infrastructure ensures business continuity
  • The security and privacy of confidential business information is safeguarded regulations data protection practices employed by the outsourcing sector
  • Availability of top-quality office space with rents lowest in the Eastern Europe



  • Cultural Proximity to European and US-based customers in terms of business attitude and ethics
  • Culturally and linguistically aligned to the western business world
  • Positioned to service clients worldwide for its time zone (EET, UTC+2)
  • Geographical proximity to Central and Western Europe, and EU member states
  • Strategically located to provide easy access to world financial centers and a number of major markets and - South-East Europe, EU, Russia/CIS, Middle East and North Afric


World class talent & Skills

Bulgaria is well-suited to attract language-intensive, IT-intensive, high value-added services and projects requiring knowledge-intensive input. The coutry has a talanted, flexible, committed, productive and loyal workforce with a high level of education in business and entrepreneurship areas.

  • 28% of population hold university degree
  • 80% of university graduates speak English
  • 52.4 % of the workforce aged 18-35 speaks at least one foreign language
  • Each year approx 15,000 students out of 60,000 pursue a university degree in language studies including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Scandinavian, and Slavic languages
  • 7% of the workforce has engineering degrees
  • 98% of the students enrolled in professional and language schools in Bulgaria study one foreign language, 73% study at least two foreign languages
  • Bulgaria ranks  #1  in Europe in IT-certified specialists per capital
  • Bulgaria ranks #3 worldwide in the number of certified IT professionals
  • 50 % of Bulgarian graduates obtain degrees in majors suitable for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry
  • Large pool of EU and US native speakers
  • Outsourcing expertise and best industry practices
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