Legal Framework

In the present situation, with upcoming Schengen membership, the macroeconomic framework of Bulgaria remains favorable for the entry of new investments. The Bulgarian government has taken considerable steps to meet the challenges of the global economic crisis, to maintain Bulgaria’s financial and macroeconomic stability and to improve the business climate.

Taxation in Bulgaria

Flat-tax system is introduced in Bulgaria - a single 10% rate applied on personal income since and a 10% rate applied on corporate income. Value-added tax in Bulgaria is a 20%, with the exception of hotel services, where a reduced rate of 9% is applied.

Bulgaria Fact Sheet

  • EU, NATO and WTO Members
  • Strategic geographical location and openness to foreign markets: crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Stability in financial environment: Bulgaria’s debt is the third lowest in the EU 28 (27.6% of GDP) as of 2014
  • Business-friendly environment: simple and low taxation
  • Competitive operational costs and competitive labour level


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