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A Data Pro provides data processing, content indexing, abstracting, editorial and writing, as well as detailed multilingual research and analytics services. With over 350 data specialists and research experts speaking 40+ languages, A Data Pro provides a unique range of knowledge-intensive solutions, serving as a data-hub for the largest multinationals in the Information Services sphere, in the Media Monitoring & Analysis field, in Risk & Compliance and in other content-intensive business or government segments. A Data Pro uses internal client documents and publicly available information sourced from local registries, courts, media, regulatory bodies, patent sets and public archives and convert it into sense-making information, that is accessible as clean and searchable datasets, meta-data enriched content repositories, real-time data flows, filtered newsletters, profiles of individuals and companies, industry analytics and more.

Under the SeeNews brand, A Data Pro provides business news and analyses about a wide range of industries and publishes the annual ranking of the biggest companies in Southeast Europe, SeeNews TOP 100. Under the Perceptica brand, the company offers media evaluation and measurement services for communications and PR professionals in Southeast Europe.

In 2015 A Data Pro performed a self-assessment of its Innovation Management Сystem based on the IMP3Rove – a methodology approved and recognized by the European Commission, based on an AT Kearney‘s “House of Innovation”. This evaluation assesses five dimensions: Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organization and Culture, Innovation Life Cycle Processes, Enabling Factors and Innovation Results. A Data Pro scored 77% Innovation performance result which is 23% better than “Growth Champions” and 27% better than an average company in the knowledge-intensive services sector.

A Data Pro was named Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2015 in Innovation Management at the 11th edition of the national forum titled Development of Innovation Ecosystem for Sustainable Economic Growth in Bulgaria.

A Data Pro is the only Eastern European member of SIIA, the Software & Information Industry Association. Since June 2015 the company is a member of FIBEP, the largest association for media intelligence and communications insight. A Data Pro is a member of AMEC – the global communication and evaluation organization.

A Data Pro is one of the founders of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association, established in November 2012.


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