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University of Library Studies and Information Technology

The University of Library Studies and Information Technology (ULSIT) is a state university, transformed on 29 October 2010 by a decision of the National Assembly.
ULSIT has a modern material base for the education of its students. The specially designed building includes a solemn hall; specialized seminar cabinets; audiences; “John Atanasoff” Computer Laboratory; local networks with free access to the Internet and modern computer labs where modern information and communication technologies are studied. There is a Library and Information Center with a reading room for 150 people with a specialized library collection of more than 52,000 library units and a bookstore for 80,000 documents; IP Point - Information and Consulting Center for Intellectual Property; Career Center for Supporting the Professional Realization of Students; Training and Demonstration Museum Collection "Spirituality and Leadership"; a collection of contemporary Bulgarian spirituality; publishing house "About the Letters - О писмнехь"; chapel "St. Nikolay the Miracleworker"; phonetic cabinet; meeting rooms; modern gym with a saloon; Tennis courts; Dining room; cafe-club.
In 2011, with a decision of the Council of Ministers at ULSIT, a Faculty of Information Science was established. Students and PhD students in the faculty are trained in the following scientific fields:
4.6 Informatics and Computer Science
9.1 National Security
ULSIT lecturers and PhD students participate in research projects in the areas of:
- Internet of Things
- Big Data
- Data science
ULSIT is a member in SAP University Alliance.

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